Saturday, 29 October 2011

chinese orchestra concert

as i said in the last post. i'm having the second activity at night.. ya, thats is chinese orchestra... from 8 till 10.30.which takes place at block a herritage hall.there are a lots of people when we first reach there.some of them are same like us, is a student and some of them are outsider, for example grandparent,parent,and so on..after we show oour ticket, we are let to be in and wait for the performance to start ...
the activity is quite interesting, we have solo,duet,unison,group ensembleand quintet..below are the song play regarding to sequence..:
bolivian dance, dum dum , winter hunting, august osmanthus blossom,americe oldies capriccio, spring of the tian shan moutain, miracle,thunder in the drought, feng yang flower drum, lin an grudge, colourful cloud chasing after the moon, sales clerk come to the village, ditty combinations, and dance of the golden snake.all the music play is also quite nice..
PS:like this my saturday finish jor.. really buzy betul lar..haha. din't do any assignment but i tis going to pass up soon..

my first destination of community service--kampong palawan

today consider as the third week that i'm stay in kampar . although still can't get used to the life without you all but the journey of life still continue goes on and on so i still have to try to get used to the life here.. my first university life..hehe.
so today i'm joining the community service organize by our department of soft skill to have a beautiful school compound at SJKC Kampong Palawan.. it is really a small school..
since i'm staying at eastlake so i have to ride to school early in the morning at 6.30 so that i can reach on time before 7.. it's quite early but luckily got yori and my another new friend here-Rachal to accompany me to go together ..haha..

after our friend gather at the DSSC we start to heading to the destination at 7.15.on the way, the people in charge try to organize our mission ..hehe. so this is my mission today(above).ya, its quit a easy task just fill in the green colour in the picture then settle edi..hehe. about 45 minute journey, we finally reach our destination.
 then , as you can see we start our paint..haha.
 there are total 2 picture for us to paint this is the second one(below)..
 since i'm doing the least part i settle my part in just about 45 minute and then start visit around the school compound..there are a big field for the children to play. the field is about the same as the school compound size.
 the children there are quite good in playing ping pong..haha..i think they have better skill then me..haha.
 since it is a very small school with just 64 student and 12 teacher(7 classroom), so their announcement corner situated at the middle of the only row of classroom.they are really very very good in painting..

 there are also a lots of flower and tree, it is really a good place for the child to study.

 haha, don be misunderstand. this is not rachal. she is jessice tessensohn. is my friend and also coursemate..she is came from melaka.and is a mix of one over sixteen of portuguese and chinese.she is a pretty girl and for me.. it have the shadow of cassey on her. maybe is because of the fair skin..i don know.hehe..
 this is the most cute little boy i meet there. firstly he say don wan to take picture. but then he change his mind edi..and take with us,how cute a boy.haha.can u all guess how old he is?he reply me a cute answer when i ask about it.
which standard are u in?-me
what ??standard six!!!-me
no no, i'm six years old..-him

 there are also a pondok for them to play with in the recess time. for me its quite special..

 they got a small canteen and have a counseling room situated beside the canteen.this enable student to go to seek for counseling teacher all the time.. how a good geographical area..haha

 this is the standard six classroom, it make me think of mine.few years ago i'm also one of the primary school student. and now i'm in university edi.. really old jor lor><..

 it is a quite interesting stuff, they are really creative .. i give them a clap personally..

 school have school law, class have class law.. very good.. management is very important to make thing a succeed.
 our lunch, taste like our hometown one..haha. long time no eat edi.. miss them so much.
 this is that one original picture, its paint by a standard six student..
 and above is our final product, not bad lar rite??
 after about seven hour, it is finally going to finish edi..
 PS:forget to apply sunburn jor..haiz.. will be darker edi ..but its quite happy..
Activity coming soon: chinese orchestra...^^tonight 8 till 11..hope it will be fun..