Saturday, 29 October 2011

chinese orchestra concert

as i said in the last post. i'm having the second activity at night.. ya, thats is chinese orchestra... from 8 till 10.30.which takes place at block a herritage hall.there are a lots of people when we first reach there.some of them are same like us, is a student and some of them are outsider, for example grandparent,parent,and so on..after we show oour ticket, we are let to be in and wait for the performance to start ...
the activity is quite interesting, we have solo,duet,unison,group ensembleand quintet..below are the song play regarding to sequence..:
bolivian dance, dum dum , winter hunting, august osmanthus blossom,americe oldies capriccio, spring of the tian shan moutain, miracle,thunder in the drought, feng yang flower drum, lin an grudge, colourful cloud chasing after the moon, sales clerk come to the village, ditty combinations, and dance of the golden snake.all the music play is also quite nice..
PS:like this my saturday finish jor.. really buzy betul lar..haha. din't do any assignment but i tis going to pass up soon..

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