Monday, 28 May 2012

new start, new journey

When everyone is enjoying their holiday, we all, the UTARians are having our new semester again after the two week holiday.
nothing special happen for the first day of my semester 3 year one. but there are something that valuable to be happy is that this semester , we are not the course that with the least freshmen already. This year we got 34 new junior that going to join us for this semester.It is really a big number compare to last 2 years (X5) hihi..
after my first classes, my friend and i have meet a junior that ask for the way to go to block B for printing.this is the first time that i have the feeling to be a senior. haha. quite nice the feeling.
after today it is a real and new start for my year one sem 3. so have to really work hard for this sem ( quiz on week3 ). hope can increase my cgpa this time..for my UTAR friend and i.. GOOD LUCK AND GAMBATEH TOGETHER..

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