Sunday, 16 June 2013

i am not 2 faced ^^..

it's already a couple of months edi since my last post.. i think it is the time for me to update it now.. wat i'm gonna write today is abt me.. i like peace.. seriously.. i don like st complex occur around me especially among the people around me.. i can withstand anything like criticize, make fool of me and so on.. but i just cant withstand the atmosphere around me is full with problem and unhappy feeling and so on..especially among my friend and family... so i will try to do anything try my best to recover the atmosphere. But it won be a success if it is just involve one side.. hence, i hv to go for both side to advise and try watever i can do to help.. at least i think it is a help.. but someone might really misunderstand me.. they think i am a 2 face ppl.." OMG.. WAT.. " this is wat i think after i sensed ppl hv such perception on me.. i really don know wat to say already.. i am doing a thing that every friend should do.. i am not trying to make the incidence worse, i am just wanna help.. i am not saying A's bad thing to B and saying B's bad thing to A. i just wanna help.. i might a bit selfish.. wat i aim is to make myself feel better..yes.. i am selfish..i wanna feel better, but yet if i can solve the problem it is beneficial not to me only, but everybody related.. if A and B continue with that atmosphere will you feel better...? you won't if you r really treating them as your friend.. and since others don think wanna solve it . then i will do it.. PLS.. i am not 2 faced ppl.. pls don hv such perception on me.. i might be selfish.. but i am not 2 faced.. pls differentiate clearly .. i am not referring to anyone.. and i am not emoing.. i just wanna clarify that i am not 2 faced.. yes i wan everyone like me.who don wan?? right. unless if you don care abt wat others think abt you.. hence i try my best to maintain my relationship with everyone i know.. i might complain abt others also.. but i will really think whether i got do st wrong that really make others do st bad or st i don like to me.. i will really think abt my mistake after i complain abt others.. and most of the time, i know i do st wrong also and i accept it.. because i know I AM NOT PERFECT.. everyone might do st wrong also.. i don believe that there are people that able to do everything right in this world.. so.. pls don think i am a 2 faced ppl.. i am not... but if you still wanna think like that i cant stop you.. i won deny you as my friend also.. you are my friend , still .. but you r not fully understand me well yet.. i do really hope you can understand me well one day.. Finally hope i will update again soon.. ^^...   P/s: i really not emoing.. just suddenly wanna write and i write.. so don ask me why.. i will don know how to ans you.. haha..

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